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The difference between them is the stage of the

Posted: Mon May 20, 2024 9:03 am
by mdshamiulislam7
Funnel in which they are located. Look: SAL stands for Sales Accepted Lead . This lead underwent an initial pre-sales assessment and was accepted by the sales team. The SAL qualification process is normally done through research on websites and social networks to validate the information captured by the marketing team and understand whether the lead really has the profile to progress through the sales funnel. Some companies consider that the pre-salesperson's qualifications are enough for the lead to be considered a SAL. Other operations require that it also pass through the initial screening of a salesperson in order to achieve this status. Therefore, all structuring of the sales process is consultative, precisely because each company has its own reality and demands.

Therefore, there is no rule: there is what works for your company. The acronym SQL stands for Sales Qualified Lead . Sales qualified leads (SQLs) are SALs who have undergone in-depth qualification and are ready Austria Phone Number to hear the company's pitch. They were considered likely to make the purchase and, therefore, capable of being worked directly by a seller. This qualification process is commonly done over the phone, following a pre-structured questionnaire that questions demands, scenario, budget and other topics, always in accordance with qualification methodologies such as BANT , CHAMP, ANUM, SPIN selling and several others. Opportunity: is the classification of the lead that has already seen the solution and recognized the added value it delivers. He is at the very end of the Sales Funnel, he has already been qualified, he has heard the pitch and engaged with it.


Therefore, this is the name that the lead receives when he is evaluating a proposal that is on the table, or is presenting objections to be overcome. At what point do these nomenclatures relate? The change in nomenclature occurs during the path taken by the lead in the Marketing Funnel, during the migration between the two funnels and then, throughout the Sales Funnel. Some companies have an intermediate sector between Marketing and Sales operations. Others attribute this passing of the baton to Marketing or Sales. Again, it is worth mentioning that there is no standard. It is important, however, to ensure that Marketing and Sales communicate in this lead passing process. PQL and MQL are on the same rung.