Why We Still Need to Write, Even When We’re Scared

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Why We Still Need to Write, Even When We’re Scared

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Here’s the short, short version: We are put on this earth to connect with one another. Connection is what gives meaning and purpose to our lives. But if we want connection, we have to be willing to be vulnerable. Even though vulnerability is often hard — sometimes even excruciating — we’ve got to put ourselves out there in order to experience connection. And here’s what very few people are talking about in the field of content marketing — vulnerability not only makes us better human beings, it also makes us better writers, and better content marketers.

We have to be willing Phone Number List to put our ideas, opinions, and deepest fears out there, so we can truly connect with our audiences. Content that isn’t vulnerable — that doesn’t scare us, just a little bit — isn’t necessarily going to draw a huge audience of raving fans. It’s not going to get shared on social networking sites thousands of times. It’s not going to really impact the world. Vulnerability is the missing piece in content marketing. How social networking misses the mark We might feel like posting short updates on Facebook or Twitter about our day-to-day lives makes us vulnerable. I’m not sure it does. Sometimes social networking sites lead to true, honest-to-goodness human connection.


But more often than not, I believe it gives us a way to feel like we’re being vulnerable … without actually having to truly put ourselves out there. And it allows us a way to numb ourselves and stay small. I think one of the things that makes us vulnerable is being willing to sit down and write a detailed article about something that really matters to us, then finding the courage to publish that post. And to do that, we need to keep writing, even when we feel afraid. Especially when we feel afraid.
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