Switch to Enterprise Wechat for Operation, What Are the Phone Number List Gains and Losses of the Enterprise?

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Switch to Enterprise Wechat for Operation, What Are the Phone Number List Gains and Losses of the Enterprise?

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This 20% to 30% is likely to be the difference that determines whether the company is profitable, but this small difference lies in the scanning step of hiding a QR code.Looking back at the history of WeChat ecological development in the past ten years, the marketing forms of our various industries have basically undergone many profound changes with the phone number list development of WeChat. It supports WeChat payment, and later mini programs, as well as today's enterprise WeChat.Enterprise WeChat is a timely communication system for phone number list enterprises launched by Tencent. It can not only be used for internal communication in the company, but also can be used to establish communication with company customers.In short, Enterprise WeChat is an internal OA system of the company. , is also a SCRM system, WeChat customer relationship management system.

Every enterprise can register with WeChat, and then add employees to its own WeChat. After employees join the enterprise, they can add WeChat friends or be added by WeChat friends as employees of the enterprise. Enterprise WeChat has now fully communicated with WeChat. Not only adding friends can add to each other with ordinary WeChat users, but also the phone number list management of WeChat groups and the publishing of circles of friends are all interconnected. Interoperability means that when our Phone Number List employees use enterprise WeChat to communicate with users, users do not need to install additional enterprise WeChat, and can use WeChat to establish a dialogue with our phone number list employees and obtain services.1. The value of enterprise WeChat ID system is deeply digging. In enterprise WeChat, employees cannot see the customer's WeChat ID, nor can they add the customer's WeChat ID through the customer's WeChat ID.

However, although we cannot obtain the customer's WeChat ID in the enterprise WeChat, from a technical perspective, the enterprise WeChat provides the customer's unionID. Here is an explanation of what a unionID is. If we open the official account, applet, enterprise WeChat as the main body of our company, and also allow customers to log in to our phone number list APP through WeChat authorized login, then from a technical point of view, the identity information of the phone number list same customer on multiple ports is It is identified by UnionID, so we can use unionID to connect the behavioral trajectories of a customer on different products in series.For example, in theory, we can see that when a customer adds our corporate WeChat, you can see whether the customer has downloaded and logged in to our APP, the mobile phone number bound by the other party in the APP, or the course information purchased by the other party. , and whether the other party has followed our official account, etc., all can be opened.
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