Released and a fourth will see the light of day later this year

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Released and a fourth will see the light of day later this year

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Each bottle Brand-design has been conceived as a book chapter, which once assembled plunges us into an adventure story that promotes the values ​​of freedom. This is the first time for me that I have designed label designs with such detailed illustrations, especially for a range of four products and I must say that it is very interesting to immerse yourself like this for a project. Today, I accompany the brand on a daily basis in the development of its image by playing artistic direction, as recently for the creation of a series of advertising visuals. You work a lot for clients who need packaging design of your quality, is there a real desire to specialize in this way? In what interest? It was originally a passion for me, my first job as a graphic designer was in a brand follow-up agency which took care of creating packaging for brands like L'Occitane, Olivier&Co or the Couvent des Minimal.

It was a very enriching experience and I quickly took great pleasure in designing packaging. If today I made the decision to specialize in packaging-design, it is first of all out of passion, and also because it is in this area that I have the most in-depth skills and that I can bring real added value to the projects entrusted to me. In addition, I can integrate my typographic work into the creation of packaging design and thus combine my two passions! Almond from Provence, packaging design by Maurin Armand Tao Pai background remove service Pai green tea from Japan What would you advise a young graphic designer who wants to start freelancing? To realize that freelancing is a real entrepreneurial adventure, it is not enough to be good in your field, you must also develop other skills in order to sustain your activity and thus ensure its financial stability. To do this, you have to get to know yourself well and surround yourself with the right people, create a reliable network with whom you enjoy collaborating.

But it's really worth it, because in return you choose where, when, how and with whom you work! For me, the objective is not to reproduce the constraints linked to employment, and to make the most of the freedoms that freelance status can offer. I believe you were a trainer in a design school, what do you remember from this experience? Yes, that's right and I have very good memories of my experience as a trainer in a Design school. I find it stimulating to be in constant contact with young people who have a new outlook on the profession, I learned a lot from their contact. It is a very enriching mutual exchange! The world is changing fast, and graphic design with teaching young people allows you to keep a link with current references and codes, which is why I keep in mind one day going back to teaching. Can you tell us about your future projects? I am currently finalizing projects for clients which should see the light of day during the year. Besides that, I continually prospect in order to meet brands with which I feel aligned, always with the aim of providing quality work.
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