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Will the Historical Andt-shirt Design

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Text: Xiang Jun (Director of the Chinese Strategic Society, Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Latin American Economic and Trade Quarterly, Professor of the Chilean Academy of National Politics and Strategic Studies [ANEPE]) Chile vs. Argentina: From Maipu Embrace to Embrace the Belt and Road Initiative? Chilean President Gabriel Boric, who took office on March 11, made his first visit to Argentina on April 5. Accompanied by the foreign minister, the defense secretary, the speaker of the Senate and House of Representatives, the president of the Supreme Court and six business people. The foreign minister, Antonia Urrejola, stressed that the day was the "Abrazo de Maipú" (Abrazo de Maipú in Spanish) with historical "symbolism". Although Chile declared independence on February 12, 1818, it was not until April 5 of the same year that the Argentine general José de San Martín and the Chilean general Bernardo O'Higgins 'Higgins), who joined forces to win the Battle of Maipu, which cemented Chile's independence. After the battle, the two embraced each other to witness Chile's independence. What is rare is that although St. Martin was elected as the "Supreme Director" (Supreme Director), he gave the seat to O'Higgins. The "Maipu Hug" of the two founding fathers has become one of the most memorable historical images in Chile and Argentina, and both countries have issued banknotes and stamps with the "Maipu Hug" motif. Unexpectedly, on the eve of the President's visit,

Chilean Interior Minister Izkia Siches (Izkia Siches) misused the "Wallmapu" (Walmapu), the traditional name of the Mapuche people in South America, and the neighboring Argentina Chubut. Protests by authorities and politicians in the provinces of Chubut and Río Negro ended with an apology from the Chilean interior minister. In fact, as early as 1904, Chile and Argentina had a territorial dispute over the Beagle Channel. T-Shirt Design
Beagle Channel territorial dispute At the southern end of the long border between Chile and Argentina is the famous Tierra del Fuego. Tierra del Fuego is divided into two parts, and the southernmost tip of Tierra del Fuego has a Beagle Channel with a total length of 120 kilometers. At the junction of the Beagle Channel and the Atlantic Ocean, there are three islands of considerable size: Picton, Picton, The islands of Lennox and Nueva have a total area of ​​345 square kilometers. Although the three islands are far away from the economically developed areas of the two countries and are sparsely populated, they have two strategic values: one is to guard the confluence of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean,

and to the south is Antarctica. The second is that the seabed of the three islands is rich in fishery and mineral resources. In May 1977, Britain, an extraterritorial country, suddenly got involved in the dispute over the Three Islands, claiming that an arbitration panel had determined that the ownership of the three islands outside the Beagle Strait belonged to Chile. arrow_forward_ios了解更多 Powered byGliaStudio For Chile, this is simply pie from the sky. Thanks to the British speaking out, the territorial dispute between the two sides has continued for many years. Since both countries believe in Catholicism, Pope John Paul II intervened. At the end of January 1984, the two countries signed a friendship statement at the Vatican, stating that they would solve the problem through negotiation. According to a treaty signed at the end of 1984, Argentina recognized the ownership of Picton Island, Lennox Island, and Nueva Island to Chile, including 3 nautical miles of territorial waters. But Argentina has the right to sail and fish in the waters of the three islands, and Chile must not interfere.
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