A New Way to Support T-shirt Design

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A New Way to Support T-shirt Design

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In the past, there was only one TV in every household, and family members robbed each other of the remote control to turn the channel. It has gradually changed to one machine for each person. They can watch their favorite YouTube channels, Netflix, KKTV and other OTT audio and video streaming platforms on demand, and even lead a channel. The trend of chasing dramas. When people's listening behavior changes, many new insights emerge as the times require, waiting to be discovered, analyzed, created with greater value, and serve people again.

Therefore, TNL Research and media research company AMPD Research jointly launched the Engagement Lab reward program , inviting readers to download the app, register as a member, fill out a questionnaire, and actively contribute de-identified personal audio and video data for industrial use. Tatt, host of T-Shirt Design
the Engagement Lab rewards program , said that the ultimate goal of this program is to establish a common audience rating index for online video and audio platforms to promote the development of various industries. What is the importance and impact of viewership metrics belonging to the new generation of the Internet? And as the listening public, what can we do?

Why is it important to establish a common audience rating for the platform? After this year's Golden Bell Awards, there has been a lot of discussion about bringing online video programs into the category of the Golden Bell Awards. In addition to allowing creators to share glory regardless of platform, returning to the market, how to establish credible statistical indicators so that OTT streaming audio and video have consistent ratings standards is also an urgent task for industry development. Why talk about ratings? Because the ratings reflect the "choice" of the audience, and the outline of the audience itself is one of the key points of insight. What qualifications or characteristics do this group of people possess? What did they choose? What are your preferences? These insights can be accurately analyzed and applied in today's
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