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Online Anthropology Practice Real Estate Photo Editing

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I think starting from December 2020, many anthropological field workers, like me, began to hesitate and reserve the number of face-to-face field contacts, especially for me who is doing research on aboriginal people in Taiwan, my biggest worry is going to tribes The elders to be visited are the elderly who need protection in the epidemic. No matter how important our work is, we cannot enter the indigenous tribes far away from the medical center and with fewer medical resources with any risk. Also because of this consideration, since the beginning of the epidemic, I have hardly done any family visits to senior reporters, except for a few times when I returned to the tribe after the epidemic peaked and met in public, but this situation also worried me. Will the old people think that I have disappeared, why haven't I looked for them for so long? Under these circumstances, phone calls or video calls cannot replace the need to be seen. However, the tribal harvest festival for two consecutive years was cancelled once, and one time was shortened to half a day. The epidemic also caused a phased relationship between me and the familiar fields. long distance. In addition, in Taiwan, due to the social distancing and isolation caused by the epidemic, especially when the epidemic peaked in May 2021, everyone's movement is limited to the most basic living areas, and I am no exception. When all meetings were switched online, we were like living in our own bubble circle. In addition to living with family members, we occasionally chatted with good friends on the phone, and used videoconferencing to hold birthday parties. The needs of people's livelihood shopping, yes, I still don't like to use the Internet to buy daily necessities, because I live in an apartment, and there is no administrator to collect the freight that will never arrive on time. It was stopped due to the heavy traffic jam, so going to traditional markets and supermarkets every few days to buy fresh food and daily necessities became the only chance for me to get in touch with the outside world. During that time, fortunately, the traditional market near my home was operating as usual, and I was able to maintain the habit of buying and cooking from familiar stalls. From the outbreak of the epidemic in May last year to the end of September, they were my most frequent visitors. People who met and exchanged messages, and finally in October, when the epidemic situation in Taiwan could take a breather, an aunt who often buys cooked food in the market told me with great emotion, fortunately, you are willing to go out to the market to buy Food people, thank you very much for your support! Suddenly, I felt that they had naturally become a kind of local social bubble circle support system formed by the exchange of basic living needs in the epidemic era. Last October, before the epidemic slowed down and I finally had to go back to the fields of Dulan, when I was discussing online with my sister Tao, they laughed and said that you are sa

! The people who have traveled abroad have come and gone for a long time, and you are not alone. We also talked about wonderful things, such as the urban and rural differences between vaccine distribution and vaccination, when Taipei could not reach Modena and only AZ was left, Friends of the same age in Dulan were all vaccinated by Modena, and the health center would also call to urge them to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Like we live in Tianlong Kingdom, who cares that you have no place to vaccinate, and the chief also said with both hands. He couldn't save it either. In Dulan, they laughed at themselves and said that we were all beating Moderna. All of them had a fever, soreness, soreness, groaning, and couldn't move for two or three days. It has become a strong 3M~ As Real Estate Photo Editing for the high-end players, it is called a three-high person, um~ quite an interesting metaphor. arrow_forward_iosunderstand more Powered byGliaStudio Does online anthropology work? Bali's field reality on Whatsapp, Facebook, Zoom Daniel Miller shares how to do ethnography in quarantine I believe many of you have also watched Daniel Miller's short video on how to conduct ethnographic research in the context of social isolation on YouTube

. It seems that there are some possibilities for remote field operations. However, it is impossible to think of face-to-face field work. To use remote operation, it was originally my remote field, and the reporter from Bali, Indonesia, would use Whatsapp to bless and communicate with each other on important festivals before the epidemic. At the beginning of the epidemic, we also exchanged the focus of observation and epidemic prevention in the current place. Although there is no plan for funding, I originally planned to go back to my friends in Bali in the spring of 2021 to chat about the current situation easily, but This plan has been delayed because of the outbreak of the epidemic, and international travel is no lon More about this source textSource text required for additional translation information Send feedback Side panels History Saved Contribute 5,000 character limit. Use the arrows to translate more. Done
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